Windows 11 2022 Update — Official Release Demo (Version 22H2)

hey everyone Zach here from Windows

Central and welcome back to another

video now today we’re taking a look at

the windows 11 2022 Updates this update

includes a number of improvements and

features over the first version of

Windows 11 which launched last year also

known as version 21 H2 this is the 2022

update also known as version 22 H2 so

let’s not waste any time here we want to

dive straight into the first notable new

features and they are in the start menu

so the start menu on this version of

Windows 11 has been updated in a number

of minor yet useful ways for example if

we go into start settings here we can

now customize the layout of the start

menu itself so by default we have three

rows of pinned icons and three rows of

recommended items but you can now set it

to show more pins which will reduce the

recommended feed and increase the pinned

rows or we can set it to more

recommendations which does the opposite

so that’s a really nice change the start

menu itself isn’t fluid still so you

can’t just drag the corners to resize it

but this is better than nothing I guess

being able to resize the elements within

it so there you are another notable

change is with the pinned area here you

can now create app folders so if I

wanted to drag this into there to create

a folder I can name that utilities

that now works as you would expect and

that makes uh keeping your start menu

pinned area nice and tidy which is very

nice indeed moving right along the next

notable changes with this update are

with the taskbar specifically the action

center the action center here has been

updated in a number of small yet

important ways in the first version of

Windows 11 the ability to enable do not

disturb for example was in here which

kind of made no sense do not disturb is

supposed to silence notifications so why

couldn’t you initiate that through the

notification shade or the notification

center rather now you can so you’re

coming to the top here there’s the Do

Not Disturb button it has moved from the

control center and it’s now in the

notifications panel if I click on that

that will enable do not disturb and act

just like you would expect it to which

is really nice if I right click I can go

to notification settings here

and I could further customize do not

disturb and all of my notification

options which is really nice you know

there’s a number of options in here for

example we can turn on do not disturb

automatically During certain times or

when duplicating your display when

playing a game when using an app in full

screen mode or for the first hour after

a Windows feature update which is an

interesting option but hey there it is

you can now set those and that is pretty

awesome there’s also a new Focus area in

here which allows you to customize the

focus feature which shipped last year

it’s been enhanced with this release for

example you can now initiate Focus

timers straight from the notification

shade here if we turn off do not disturb

you’ll see down here we can set a timer

here so let’s do a 60 Minute Focus

session press start that will

automatically enable do not disturb and

then it will open the clock app though

it appears the clock app isn’t installed

yet that’s another thing that’s


happening with Windows 11 more and more

now is a number of the inbox apps are

just sort of placeholders they may show

up in the apps list and start menu but

they’re not actually installed until you

connect to the internet and then they

actually download the latest version but

hey there we are that is the focus time

which is now running and again this was

a thing that was in the first version of

Windows 11 so we’re not going to dive

too much into this but you can link it

to Spotify and Microsoft to do and you

can set a number of goals for yourself

and stuff and that is now all easily

initiated through the action center down

here which is really nice and then of

course we can uh

stop that uh session straight through

this UI as well which is pretty nice

indeed now on the subject of the taskbar

while we’re here Microsoft has finally

added back the ability to drag and drop

files uh using icons on the taskbar so

if I grab this file here for example I

can drag it down to the file explorer

and I can plop that in there and that

works as you would expect it to which is

really nice that was functionality part

of many versions of Windows prior but

for some reason Windows 11 version 1

didn’t have it but it’s now back in

Windows 11 version 2 which is very much

appreciated moving right along let’s

take a look at some of the productivity

enhancements Microsoft has made to

Windows 11 version 22 H2 starting with

the new snapping bar in the previous

version of Windows 11 Microsoft

introduced the snapping sort of drop

down menu which appears when you hover

over the maximize button on an app

window and that’s pretty cool but

there’s now a new version of that which

appears whenever you drag a window

around if you see at the top there

there’s a sort of bar that sort of

peeking out and if I move my cursor to

the top of the screen that bar will

bring will reveal itself and I can now

sort of initiate snapping straight

through this UI just by dragging a

window to any of these specific snapping

layouts which is really nice if I wanted

to create a side-by-side snap through

here I could do that

and that works as you would expect or I

could create my quadrant snapping here

which is also pretty fancy so yes that’s

an additional way of initiating snap of

course you can still just do the basic

Dragonette window to the side and snap

it if you’d like you can also drag

another window to the top to maximize it

if you prefer doing that as well the

snapping bar is just an additional sort

of way of initiating different snap

layouts if you may not have been

familiar with that functionality you can

turn that menu off in the settings app

in fact I’ll show you that here if we go

into settings scroll down to

multitasking uh snap Windows here you

can see why is that turned off let’s

turn that back on um

where is it here we go snap show snap

layouts when I drag a window to the top

of my screen turn that off and that

snapping bar will no longer present

itself it’s on by default I think it’s a

really nice addition but some people may

find it a little bit annoying because it

sort of there’s always popping up and

down whenever you’re grabbing that

window to move it around within the top

half of your display anyway if you bring

your window further down it sort of

disappears so once you hit the sort of

50 line on your monitor it starts to

show itself and then the closer you get

to it the uh the more it will show

itself and then you can begin using it

which is pretty cool all right while

we’re in file explorer here let’s take a

look at some new OneDrive Integrations

you can see up here there’s a new

OneDrive button very simple button it

just shows you your cloud storage

information so you can see that your

files are synced if I click on that that

will give me the OneDrive sort of fly

out here which gives me my recently uh

synced files and if we go back to this

menu here you can see that it gives us

our available storage so I have five

gigabytes of storage and I’ve used 1.1

gigabytes of that I can get more storage

I can I can open the OneDrive recycling

bin I can open the OneDrive website and

then I can also head to settings now

what does that do that opens up OneDrive

settings which is built into Windows

however the other buttons as far as I’m

aware take you straight to the OneDrive

website so if I click on the recycle bin

for example you would think that would

take you to the recycle bin in your

OneDrive through file explorer however

that is not the case unfortunately you

click that and it will take you to the

OneDrive website for some reason so I’d

like to see that improved in the future

but hey there you are that is how that

works today and also in the file

explorer app the sort of launch page for

it has been updated it’s now called home

and there is a new favorites area which

allows you to pin file straight to the

home page for you to sort of get access

to quickly for example you can see I’ve

pitched um I’ve pinned a number of uh

files here the this PowerPoint as well

as a Word document this is a file that

I’ve recently created I can right click

it here

and select where is it

should be here somewhere add to

favorites there we are and now I can uh

see that in there and whenever I sort of

close and open the app those files will

always remain there and that is pretty

cool all right up next is a new

personalization option called SW

Spotlight that’s what it’s called Uh so

we jump into personalization here and go

into background go down to our

background options there is a new Option

here called Windows Spotlight which will

essentially pull in a daily image or a

weekly image from Microsoft servers

probably you know the Bing daily image

and that will set it as your default

wallpaper except it hasn’t worked here

okay it took a few seconds to sync but

now as you can see my wallpaper has

changed it’s pulled in an image from

Microsoft servers and up here is a

button which allows me to learn more

about this picture I can hover over it

to see some information but I can right

click it as well to sort of open this

image in my web browser and learn more

about it there I can also switch to a

new picture because there are multiple

pictures here that Microsoft selects for

you and then I can right click again

here and I can vote this picture up or I

can vote this picture down and this just

tells Microsoft whether or not the

pictures they’ve selected for the week

are vibing with Windows users uh so yeah

let’s say yeah this is a great picture

there you are so Microsoft now knows

that this is a good photo for desktop

backgrounds but yeah that’s a nice

addition surprisingly wasn’t there

before you’d think it was you’ve been

able to do this with the lock screen for

a number of years now but for some

reason they never added it to the

desktop until this release so that is

pretty fancy

okay moving right along there are a

number of new apps in the 2022 update

and some of them are in the apps list

here and some of them aren’t we’ll start

with the new clip champ app which is now

pre-loaded on Windows 11. this is a web

app which allows you to edit videos

Microsoft purchased clip chat which was

a standalone service before earlier in

the year and it’s now preloaded on

Windows 11. it’s now a Microsoft owned

app and it’s a simple app editor it

works relatively well you can create

different sort of templates here


I think this is a video I created for a

video earlier in the year as well you

can see here’s the editor it’s again

web-based so it can sometimes take a

little while to load things in but as

you can see here the video playback and

whatnot is very smooth this isn’t a very

well a powerful computer by any means

but it’s working uh just like you would

expect so that’s pretty nice if you’d

like to know more about clip champ I

believe I’ve done a more in-depth video

on it which I will link in a card here

okay up next is Family Safety which is

another web app uh which uh allows you

if you use Microsoft family for example

you can see all of your family members

within your account you can see

um recent recent purchases from children

accounts if you have children synced to

your account you can see recent

purchases approve or deny purchase

requests or block websites or see which

apps they’re using on their computers or

Xbox and you can also track family

members using the Microsoft Family app

if you have it installed on your phone

as well and you can see all of that

information from here unfortunately I

don’t have a family so I can’t show you

any of that

here’s a screenshot there just so you

have an idea of what’s this would look

like if you were using it with a real

family and then also there is a new task

manager which is probably the most

exciting new app in this update as you

can see here it’s brand new it looks

fancy it matches the windows 11 design

language here and uh it’s functionally

it’s basically exactly the same but it

just has a Fresh coat of paints you can

you know run a new task you can end

tasks as well up here you can enable

efficiency mode for certain apps which

limits resources used by the process

there you are and you can also group

expand and collapse all and then we also

have our different options uh for uh or

I guess tabs which are now in this sort

of Handy sidebar you can switch to the

performance tab which brings up you to

this sort of usual familiar interface

and we’ve got app history here we have

startup apps

users details here and then we have

Services as well and if we maximize this

app you’ll see that the sidebar out here

automatically expands you can see all of

those different tab names as well and

there’s also a settings tab here which

allows you to set the default start page

which is really quite nice as well as oh

change the update speed you can set it

to always on top minimize on use hybrid

minimized show full account name and

show history for all processes as well

up next are a number of new

accessibility features so if you come

down to the accessibility area here and

go into okay so there’s a new feature

here called voice access which allows

you to control your PC entirely with

your voice so if I turn this on here

that will bring up a bar at the top

which will ask me to download the

language pack required for this feature

that will take a second or two so here

is the sort of initial run process once

that language pack is downloaded so we

can set up our microphone and stuff that

sounds good

and we are all set there’s also a guide

here very handy guide which will teach

you how to use this because it may not

be obvious at first glance so if we

start the guide here

we can say turn on our mic so before

trying to so before trying the steps

below turn on your mic by saying voice

access wake up

of course voice access wake up

click Animal Friend

click cat

show Numbers here

select 17.

show Numbers here

click 17.

show grid here






forty four okay nope oh right so if you

say this is a great idea in theory but

it’s a little bit slow at least on this

PC it may be faster and more powerful

computers although it seems to be

working fine now maybe it’s just my

accent that it’s getting tripped up on

but um yeah you can fully control your

PC with your voice let me actually turn

this off real quick and reset it here so

I want to sort of just do my own thing

with it so if we

close voice access guide

show numbers


minimize settings

Open start

select Edge


select all


select all


Open start

close search

Open start

select Edge

I did it again close everything

show desktop

Open start

click Edge


move Edge window

select all


snap Edge left

snap Edge to left

snap Edge to right


it did say snap let’s say it there

okay stop

turn off voice access

what are you executing okay

there we are that’s the demo uh it’s a

great idea but again like I said it’s

probably my accent that’s chipping it up

but um yeah you can control your voice

with your you control your PC with your

voice which is pretty awesome this isn’t

exactly a new thing you’ve been able to

control Windows PCS through voice before

but this is a sort of new enhancement to

that that makes it so you can do even

more with your voice previously there

were certain limitations this in theory

has no limitations

um but uh hey your results May Vary

there’s also another new accessibility

feature called live captions here which

will present captions or subtitles to

any audio or text playing on your PC

even if that audio doesn’t originally

have captions available for it so if we

open up um Windows oh that’s not what I

wanted open up the windows Central

YouTube for example so we have a video

here which I’ve not enabled captions for

on YouTube itself if we turn on this

feature we’ll see this bar at the top we

need to agree to that and it’s now ready

to caption things so if I start playing

this video here you’ll see that at the

top one

Windows Central and welcome back to

another video now today we’re taking a

look at the June OS updates for surface

Duo 2 because this update actually has a

number of notable changes in it worth

demoing on video so there you are it

does a very good job at that I don’t

know why the voice access feature

doesn’t understand me there but it this

feature understands me within a video

but hey there you are if we go into here

we can actually customize the position

and stuff of this so I can set it to the

bottom if you’d want that or we can also


make it float on screen like so as well

as changing caption options we can

filter profanities we can also include

microphone audio so we can actually live

caption me as I talk let’s try that okay

so can it hear me

it can hear me

okay I’m gonna keep that on that’s very

exciting uh we also have caption style

so we can also customize what this

actually looks like this is the default

one do white on black small caps large

text and yellow on blue let’s do small


that looks pretty cool actually uh and

hey there you are that’s uh pretty fancy

I’m going to keep that open because it’s

just cool to see something dictate what

I’m saying all of the time

uh all right what is next

is that what we’ve got oh no okay so we

now have uh the fun part where I demo

some touch gestures and whatnot uh but

initiating that mode is going to be

tricky with all these cables so let’s

try initiate this like so

okay you may have seen that happen but

initiating uh tablet mode here I guess

I’m using a two in one so I just flip

the keyboard around the icons on the

taskbar here got more space to part with

a nice fluid animation as well as the

keyboard button appeared on screen

now with this release Microsoft has

added a number of new gestures for touch

users specifically which enhances the

experience by making it more fluid so

for example I can Now swipe up from the

bottom of the screen anywhere along the

taskbar here to access the start menu in

fact before we do this demo let me go

into accessibility here

last punch and touch let’s make the

circle darker so you can actually see

where I’m touching so if I swipe up from

the bottom here you’ll see that the

start menu now appears if I swipe out

from the right uh the action center

should also appear and these animations

are now fluid so they follow your finger

previously uh they never did this you’d

sort of just do the swipe and a preset

animation would play but now these

should follow your finger and they work

quite nicely


you can also swipe up from the bottom

right corner here to access the control

center which is a new gesture here as

well and that works pretty nicely and

those are these sort of most notable

improvements for touch users mainly the

gestures the gestures and how much

smoother and you can sort of drag them

around and they are all fluid which is

really nice except for the the widgets

panel one for some reason this one is

still not fluid so it doesn’t follow

your finger as you can see here but all

the other ones do and they work pretty

nicely so there you are

I just realized while I’m in here

there’s also a new feature in the

control center which now allows you to

manage and connect to Bluetooth devices

straight from this UI without having to

go into the settings app so if I open up

this menu here I have no Bluetooth

devices nearby that’s the lightest I do

there we go you can see I now have that

available so I can pin or connect to my

Bluetooth mouse and I’m now connected

straight through issue I without

interrupting my workflow or throwing me

into the settings app which is pretty


so there you are those are the

highlights for the windows 11 2022

update one of the big new features or I

guess changes coming to this release is

that Microsoft is planning to update it

more frequently with new features just

on the Fly basically whenever features

are ready to go

um features will roll out with monthly

updates they won’t be every month but

they will certainly be more often and

outside of the annual feature update

which is usually comes out every fall so

for example next month Microsoft is

adding tabs to file explorer as well as

a number of additional features which we

will cover in a video separately but

that’s not here today this is the

initial sort of 2022 update which

doesn’t have those yet so this is a sort

of good look at the top level features

coming in this release uh check back to

Windows Central for updates on all the

new features that roll out over time as

well but until then thank you very much

for watching and we shall see you in the

next one


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