The New iPad is Weird!

so I’ve spent some time trying to

understand this iPad I I’ve never been

so confused by so many choices in one

new product so this is the new 10th

Generation Baseline iPad and it’s in one

of those bright new colors too and this

thing has a slightly new design which is

overall improved the home button is gone

it’s a pretty familiar rectangular shape

now with flatter sides the new colors


are actually kinda saturated which is

neat this one here is yellow but there’s

also a pink and a blue on top of the

safe bet silver it’s slightly less

saturated than it looks on Apple’s

website though there’s a touch ID button

up top so you do get biometric unlocking

even though there’s no home button

thinner bezels thinner anyway and a

slightly larger 11 inch LCD screen up

front landscape stereo speakers a bump

from an 8 to a 12 megapixel camera on

the back and an A14 bionic chip inside

not their newest but it’s a step up from

the a13 bionic that’s in the 9th gen

iPad so none of that is confusing

they’re modernizing the Baseline iPad

great but then that’s that’s where some

of the weirdness starts so first of all

upgrades to USB type c

finally now it’s not Thunderbolt speeds

or anything but hey you can now finally

plug in USBC flash drives you can charge

fast you can even plug in an external

display up to 4K 30 Hertz or 1080p 60hz

which you were definitely not doing with

the lightning Port before I had been

asking for USBC getting it in the base

iPad now is great it’s confusing though

because they also announced that this

iPad will support

the first generation apple pencil

which if you remember uh it’s it’s

lightning this was the pencil that

infamously hilariously plugged into the

bottom of the old iPads to charge via

that lightning Port but if we’re USBC

now then that means oh god oh no it’s

it’s happening this needs a USBC to

lightning adapter to charge the pencil

I’m sure no one will ever lose this it

also comes in this separate piece of

packaging it doesn’t come in the iPad

box or in the apple pencil box it’s more

packaging which is a little more

wasteful but also yeah if you ever do

lose it and need another one nine bucks

but I’m still just thinking like apple

you made a new pencil a second gen

pencil that’s way better the second

generation pencil snaps onto the side of

the iPad Air or the iPad Pro with

magnets and charges wirelessly where is

that one here I feel like I’ve been

through every version of this in my head

but basically what I’ve come up with is

some people would probably say that

Apple knows that there are going to be

groups of people businesses schools that

have the older ninth generation iPad and

they have pencils and they’re going to

want to continue using those pencils

when they upgrade to this new iPad

that’s why they kept support for the old

apple pencil

and to those people I would say

but you make both por que no Los Dos why

not both so honestly the real answer is

most likely because this is the first

ever iPad to move the webcam to that

long side the long bezel low-key that

might be the best change in this whole

piece of Hardware so now when you’re on

video calls or doing anything while

looking at the camera it’ll actually

look like you’re looking at the camera

instead of way off to the side like in

every other iPad so this is a welcome

change but now that means the spot that

you’d normally slap on the second

generation apple pencil with magnets and

a cutout well that’s now populated by

webcam housing and the other side has

the smart pins which I’ll get to in a

second and then the top and the bottom

are speakers and apparently it would be

two on Apple like to put it like off to

the side you know asymmetrical like that

or something just to just to have space

for the cutouts basically Apple also

came out with their new M2 iPad Pro at

the same time as this that also has a 12

megapixel Ultra wide webcam with Center

Stage just like this one but it’s not

moved to the long side it’s still on

that side spot which leads me to believe

that Apple views this as a direct

compromise you can either have the new

Apple pencil and that’ll charge at the

top or you can have the webcam on the

long side one or the other but not both

and I guess we’ll never see an iPad Pro

with the webcam in the right spot so for

those who want a little bit more out of

the Baseline iPad Apple has also dropped

a brand new completely redesigned

two-piece magic keyboard folio for the

iPad I actually really like most of it

this first piece is just like a back

plate that attaches to the iPad with

magnets and then acts as just a

kickstand basically very surface very

useful and then with the second piece

it’s just a new keyboard with a new Full

function row up at the top so now that

the SMART connector pins are on the side

edge instead of the back you can just

slap on or remove the keyboard at any

time and just go straight to the iPad so

this two-piece setup has its benefits

and drawbacks the main drawback really

being that it’s not as laughable it’s

much more suited for working on desk or

a more stable surface because of the

weight distribution but the benefit is

it’s two pieces it’s modular so now you

can just go straight kickstand if you

want to just watch a movie or a show

with no hands or you can add a keyboard

anytime you want to type or if you want

if you want to be mobile but take the

keyboard with you you can flip the

keyboard around so that you’re not

feeling those buttons on the back all

the time every time you’re holding the

thing so that’s nice I like the idea but

there are still a couple head scratchers

first of all uh this new two-piece setup

is not coming to the new iPad Pro for

some reason I would think if you like

those function keys that you’d want that

for the iPad Pro but this is only for

this iPad but then also this iPad does

not get stage manager not that stage

manager is you know that amazing or

anything but this would have been nice

for people who want to use that USBC

plug it into an external Monitor and get

a little bit more window management a

little bit more of that multitasking

going on but this one won’t do that

weird but then the biggest head

scratcher of them all has got to be the

prices right so this is still a 250

dollar keyboard and case accessory and

then this new iPad here is starting at

four hundred and fifty dollars which is

a pretty big price bump from the 9th gen

iPad we just upgraded from which stays

in Apple’s lineup at 330 unchanged

this might be kind of a hot take but I

don’t really understand why this one

exists like I’m not even saying it’s a

bad product it’s a perfectly good iPad

it works it does all the things it’s got

the new chip it’s got the little things

it’s got Wi-Fi six now it’s got a

perfectly fine display it’s got USBC the

new colors it’s thin it’s a tablet it’s

it’s fine I just it’s weird like if you

just want a basic iPad this person still

exists right oh I just want to get a

basic iPad that’s the schools the

businesses that’s the moms getting it to

like put it in a giant foam case and

like hand it to their kid to watch

videos like I just I just need an iPad

that’s still the 329 9th gen iPad it’s a

hundred something dollars cheaper it’s a

better deal that’s still the one I would

recommend for those people but then the

second you think like oh I might want a

little bit more from my iPad I want to

do a little more right maybe I want to

like use it as a pseudo computer a

little bit the second you think oh I

want it to be a real computer this this

is 64 gigs at the Baseline in 2022 not

real computer storage so you bump up to

real computer storage and then this plus

this is

850 dollars


what I mean you could get an iPad Air

for that price you could get an iPad Pro

for that price you could also just get a

computer for that price so this is a

strange combination of things to exist

together for that amount of money like

even without the keyboard this iPad 64

gigs in 2022 for 450 dollars is just

it’s just weird so in conclusion

this is a slightly strange set of stuff

slotted between sweet and simple

sufficient for some but pretty silly for


thanks for watching


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