ShahZaM HEATED at Sentinels “Hall of Fame”, NRG Thwifo?!

all right guys how to grow back again

today I hope you’re all doing well and

enjoying your day so far welcome back to

valid roster menu and it is certainly

not over just yet Shazam is released

from synthols at Seamus based in a tweet

last night or at least inducted it into

their Hall of Fame but he doesn’t seem

so happy about it and Marv also giving

his perspective on the fact that he

could join Evil Geniuses but would much

rather not very much Intuit your

thoughts in the comment section below

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for doing that well many people have

been trying to figure out where the

harbor could be viable this is one

interesting way to potentially use his

smoke because obviously um you can’t

shoot through it right it kind of Tanks

bullets so if you use it in certain



positions you can actually use it kind

of like as a head glitch right so you

can actually kind of use it as cover

here so I thought that was an

interesting potential use of this going

forward this though former Leviathan

confirming that mazino will be a new

player for their roster so yeah

definitely a good pickup we’ve heard a

lot of these things rumored over the

last several days but yeah indeed

Messina be joining Leviathan as we

expected this update also from Excel

they have decided not to continue with

their valorant roster so um they’re not

going to do tier two this is a big

question which is going around right now

in terms of teams that failed to make it

into Partnerships will they actually

stick around in tier two some will some

probably won’t of course phase the guard

version one TSM we think that they will

but um in Europe let’s say teams like

Excel they’re going to be pulling up

they’re not going to do tier 2 values

the interesting thing is they’re going

to do Game Changers about it they’re

keeping their game changers team which

is um it’s really interesting to me the

fact that these teams would much rather

have a game changers team than even have

a tier 2 team I guess the way that riots

got it set up makes it feel to them like

there’s more upside than having the game

changers team than having the tier 2

squads but um yeah it’s very interesting

to me that a lot of teams are actually

doing this now they’re quite happy with

their game changers roster but they’d

much rather not go for the tier 2 routes

and try and think of a player that way

so yeah they will be competing in Game

Changers but not actually in um you know

in the tier 2 valancing in Ascension

trying to make it into tier one so quite

interesting that some organizations

might be feeling like this and Excel

certainly are one of them this also from

Heretics Lowell is going to be on his

way out to the team mixwell of course

joining that’s raised big questions as

to exactly what heritage you can plan to

do for their full roster and um yeah

Lowell apparently is going to be on the

way out as well confirmed in this twit

longer last night this just to say for

MC split as well he points this out to

me that um there’s this Knights Tawny

coming up soon and in group M you can

actually see that Stewie 2K is playing

in this with Rossi so some questions

here on what’s going to happen with

stewie2k what his plan is going to be I

think I’m himself and even shroud kind

of said you know what if they can get a

tier one spot they’ll go for it but

that’s not gonna happen to be honest

right because there were so many players

that have dominated at times in um in

the VCT over the past year or two that

aren’t going to get in let alone players

you know like Stewie and trout that

haven’t really done that much at this

level in valorence and that will have to

prove themselves over time so yeah

stewie2k you’re gonna try and compete

though what is it look like for him in

terms of tier two Ascension and what

spot will he get that’s why rostamania

is far from over because yes we might

have a relatively good idea what’s

happening in tier one but tier two it’s

all yet to kick off really and we don’t

know the Shroud the stewie2k questions

that are still out there and speaking of

some of those great players this is a

list that George get us put together of

course not all encompassing there’s

other players you could throw into the

mix here as well in terms of you know

guys like Penny or whatever that might

be getting under eight years but just

look at this list Trent valentextnet

Jonah EU zombs Dapper Shazam baby bay

bcj marved Xander whippy all of these

names May well not be on a partner team

next season we know that Marv is going

to take a break it seems from that side

of things to me like I mean which names

would you guys pick out of this in terms

of like real the guys that you’ll

surprise don’t get a spot and guys that

deserve a spot that won’t have one to me

I think trents comes to mind to be

perfectly honest I’m very much surprised

that he wasn’t getting picked up I think

that I’m you know in my opinion they

were players that likes of you know cryo

and zeken and these guys some exit and I

honestly thought that Trenton the guard

was not too far behind in terms of that

category and I’m very surprised he’s not

going to Spot somewhere Valen probably

his ideal is getting somewhat underrated

and then they’ve got the former synthols

call you know zom’s Dapper Shazam you’d

have thought that maybe Dapper for

example would have got a spot somewhere

even bcj I think certainly deserved one

somewhere but now seems like that’s not

gonna happen unless he can still join EG

but that looks unlikely because Ethan’s

gonna be there potentially Superman’s

gonna be there bcj might end up joining

TSM or something on their kind of tier 2

Ascension roster so yeah crazy situation

but yeah Shazam of course baby bay even

as well he had a baby bay dicey like um

wasn’t included here also bee dog and

the like from Shopify Rebellion these

type of players that are so good in

their respective roles not getting

picked up so you could very much argue

that the tier one scene in North America

is well incredibly stacked in terms of

some of the players that are in the in

these teams let’s say but also what does

this mean for tier two because I think

honestly the Ascension league in North

America is going to be crazy sacked

especially if these players plan to and

decide to compete if there are

organization to support them because I

mean look a lot of these old Sentinels

guys could form a team and run it back

to a certain extent and we’ll see what

Shazam has to say on stuff like that

here in a second even zipper though says

from Cloud9 I only see a handful who

deserve it right so yeah definitely

treat your thoughts on which out of

those names actually do deserve it he

reckons maybe even four or five and

what’s a hand for the right three four

five of those guys he reckons actually

do deserve a spot and um you can

probably imagine which players he might

think to be excluding from that

particular list this also from bcj Brick

by Brick I’ve been Paving my path back

to the top you think I’m gonna stop now

that I’m here so you know Brick by Brick

of course is Optics thing but um like

optic also a big question for them we

don’t know are they going to be a tier 2

team are they going to be in Ascension

we don’t know we don’t have an

announcement they don’t have a game

changers team or anything they might

just say you know what riots you know

I’ve had enough of this I’m getting out

of it but they could build a very

competitive tier 2 roster with the

players out there if they wanted to but

of course they’ve lost a lot of their

Staffing around the team because they’ve

gone into tier one so yeah difficult for

a lot of these organizations we think BC

J potentially to TSM as I said that was

one of the rumors that was going around

yesterday now this from thrifo he was

meant to be joining T1 and while staying

in their roster going into the new

season but due to the import situation

they couldn’t make it happen thrifo is

instead going to be joining a team as a

substitute and he’s going to go to NRG

according to George garez NRG is set to

sign thrifo to The Valor and roster he’s

going to be the sixth man really

interesting stuff all these teams have

to confirm a sixth man for the team in

due course we know the NRG are going to

be well some Victor crashes FNS an

artist that’s the team of five yet to be

confirmed thwifo the Sixth Man over

there that is the present rumor like I’m

interesting stuff for sure I didn’t

really have thrifi in my mind in that

conversation but um yeah kind of crazy

the fact that thrifo was a name that I

wasn’t really thinking about too much

and yet he’s gonna get a six-man spot

but yet a lot of these other players

like you know where are they gonna be

what are they gonna do that we just

mentioned right and also can thrifo play

in Ascension can he play in tier two

despite being a substitute right you

kind of need right to allow that to be a

possibility because if you’re Trent or

something like do you want to be a sum

for a team if you can’t play in tier two

you probably don’t now one of the big

things that was confirmed yesterday here

by sintel so of course it was a little

bit ago now they confirmed that Shazam

is not going to be part of their team

going forwards I guess um he’s still

part of sentos to some degree but um

they say right here the centaurs Hall of

Fame Shazam under your leadership we

became Champions you change the way the

game is played you brought Pride back to

North American Esports wherever you go

your legacy will always be a part of

this team once the center always a

center they come up with this right here

so kind of nice Hall of Fame Shazam

in-game leader International Champion so

just giving credit to what Shazam did

for the team but of course over time it

was clear that he you know his tenure as

igl was going to come to an end a little

bit interesting to me the way that they

say like um you know wherever you go

your legacy will always be a part kind

of saying like you know goodbye it’s

been nice having you and off you go to

your new organization now whether that

is actually happening here like it’s not

like they’ve officially released him or

anything but um you know I guess they’re

expecting Shazam to go to a new team or

to a tier 2 roster or something maybe he

will maybe he won’t I don’t really know

but I just wanted to share his reaction

to this because he um he didn’t quite

seem particularly happy about it right

he was looking at this thinking oh wow

yeah I’m a Hall of Famer real nice guys

like thanks for dropping me type thing

so I don’t know do you think that this

attitude has anything to do with the

fact that he no longer actually has a

spot on the team or is it more about you

know that competitive nature is

necessary if you want to be the best in

the world

check Twitter really oh my God okay I’ll

check it out

that’s crazy wow how unfortunate

guys that just became a Hall of Famer

what do you think yeah I did see that

thank you thank you very much thank you

very much

thank you bro appreciate you cook go

into tier two probably not


a tier two team lets me play from home

and they pay me a good amount I’ll play

sure and it depends what the roster is I

could have gained a lot more followers

if you guys know what that means too I

could have joined probably the worst

team in the league if you don’t know

what that means too the other clip that

I shared there was unmarked right

talking about his decisions and what

he’s deciding to do going forwards and

also kind of saying towards the end

there about Evil Geniuses and the fact

that well yeah he could join the worst

team in in the franchise league if he

wanted to probably but would prefer not

to do that try to even said a while ago

like he’s not gonna join EG so I know

some of you guys have been saying is

this whole I’m gonna take a break thing

more about saving face is it more about

trying to you know maybe he had offers

and now he doesn’t have offers anymore

now he’s like well you know I’m taking a

break it’s my personal decision to do

that rather than the fact that yeah he

probably would have gone to Center laws

if that offer was still there maybe he

wanted more money maybe he wanted to

take some time to think that’s what

people have been theorizing and then the

spot disappears when they got the

Brazilian guys in from loud instead so

whether there’s anything alluded to that

I don’t really know but Marv also says

tier two he probably won’t do it unless

you can stay at home so you know he’s

committed to this kind of idea that yeah

he wants to stick around his family take

care of whatever he’s going to take care

of personally and then he’s going to be

good to go once again in due course so I

think that’s good stuff for Marv happy

to see that you know he’s making this

decision for himself but at the same

time that probably means no tier 2 for

Marvel unless of course A Team allows

him to stay where he is and play online

rather than having to travel out to LA

or wherever that might be so does that

mean Mart is indeed gonna take at least

an entire season’s break will he be back

in due course tough to say and as we did

discuss sentells quickly just wanted to

mention this because the second says

please stop asking about the language

barrier we communicate with sign

language so lots of stuff happening and

coming out from the centers Camp the

last couple of days where yes they

reckon the comms are going to be

absolutely fine pankada’s English does

you know it’s operable but um you know

he’s not so confident in using it in

videos and stuff like this it is the

present situation and Sassy I’m sure

will be a big help on that front as well

and look the organization obviously has

confidence their communication will be

fine but um still it is a big question

because this happens with other teams in

the past as well you get players in many

different countries different cultures

and how well things clash and work and

work together and deaf is going to have

I think a big job here is the igl so one

of the key questions about centers

they’re obviously shooting it down here

with these couple of tweets and I’m like

there’s a long time until the franchise

League begins but very much enjoys your

thoughts in the comment section below

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