NEW iPad (2022) – 20 Things You NEED to KNOW!



Apple has just launched a 10th

generation iPad which is the biggest

change that’s the entry level iPad has

ever received so here are 20 things you

need to know some good some bad mostly

bad but let’s start with the good number

one this is mostly an iPad Air it has

the exact same design language not the

full flat frame the same back the same

camera launch along the back so yeah

this is basically an iPad Air which once

again is a huge design change and design

departure over the 9th generation iPad

so this is awesome not only that but it

also comes in some beautiful colors we

have blue yellow pink and silver all of

the more vibrant than the iPad Airs

colors then second we also have a USB

type-c port just like with the iPad Air

which means that all the iPads now come

with USB type c and the iPhone is the

only major Apple product to still use

lightning but it’s not just the

convenience of USB type-c which is

awesome we’re also getting much faster

transfer speeds from 4 or 80 megabits

per seconds to 5 gigabits per second

that is more than 10 times the speed of

the 9th generation that doesn’t mean

that this is fast it’s just that the

blastpha was incredibly slow and you can

now directly connect it to your camera

or USB type-c dock so there are a ton of

possibilities uh thanks to USB type c

now and this new iPad also comes with a

pretty major camera upgrade so the

sensor has been upgraded from an 8

megapixel to a 12 and the aperture has

been significantly enlarged from F 2.4

to F 1.8 so this is a much better camera

and we also have a smart hdr3 which is

the same image processing as with the

iPhone 12 compared to literally manual

hdr on the iPad 9th gen oh and fun fact

this is literally the exact same camera

that the iPad Air has another camera

change would be in terms of the selfie

camera which is now oriented in

landscape orientation compared to the

vertical that we have on pretty much all

the other iPads this is awesome for when

you’re doing video calls especially when

you have like a keyboard connected

before or we had that very weird angle

on the side but now this is apparently

the best iPad for video calling if you

do use a keyboard as well and this new

iPad also gets 5G which means that all

the iPads now have a 5G option of course

if you pick the solar model however you

need to keep in mind that there is no

millimeter wave 5G on this iPad or the

iPad Air by the way only the iPad Pro

has that and the last positive would be

Wi-Fi 6 which the space iPad also has

and we’re getting speed increases from

866 megabits per second with the 9gen to

1.2 gigabits per second so a pretty good

speed bump however on the pro model we

also got Wi-Fi 6E which this one lacks

and with Wi-Fi 6C we now get even faster

speeds of 2.4 gigabits per second so

essentially twice the speeds of this

iPad which is a bit of a negative to

consider lack of 6E the next negative to

consider is in terms of the bezels which

are thicker than the iPad Air which were

already thicker than on the iPad Pro and

because of these thicker bezels the

whole iPad is a bit wider than the iPad

Air by one millimeter so if you’re

thinking of getting some cheap cases for

the iPad Air and then using those on on

this iPad while you’re out of lock not

just because of the width difference but

also because of the thickness difference

it is seven millimeters thick compared

to 611 of the iPad Air which is almost

as thick as the very first iPad air from

2013 nine years ago it is however a bit

thinner than the 9th gen which was 7.5

compared to 7 but one of the main things

that you need to be aware of sadly and

negative is the display Gap so this

display is still not laminated this is

something that I’ve been complaining

about for years on the base iPad and

it’s rare because Apple discontinued the

non-eluminated iPad in 2014 when they

introduced the iPad Air 2 but then they

brought it back in 2017 with the base

iPad which also brought back the iPad

Air once designed from 2013 and sadly

that is still the case here so it has

this very thick air gap between the LCD

display and the glass on top so it kind

of feels like you’re using an ATM or a

very very thick screen protector but I

think what’s even worse is that it has

no anti-reflective coating so the screen

is very very reflective and that

combines to the non-lominated display

makes it even more reflective and even

worse and because of that when I was

using the previous model I had to bump

the brightness quite significantly to

counteract this which of course also

translates then in a decreased battery

life something else that you should be

aware of is that this iPad lacks the P3

color space which is something that all

the other iPads have so this won’t be

the best choice for photo editing or

grading videos as colors would simply

not be as Punchy and you won’t be able

to see that many of them then we have

the magic keyboard so with the 9th gen

we had plenty of keyboard options sold

by the Apple Store so we had some

options from Logitech and then from

Apple we had the Smart Keyboard but then

for this tension we only have one single

option which is the new magic folio

keyboard now on the surface it looks

great it’s basically the same thing as

the magic keyboard without that floating

design so you now have a stand on the

back which is actually better in my

opinion because you can adjust it much

more and you also have two pieces so if

you don’t want to connect the keyboard

and you just want to have the stands you

can simply only have that it also has a

trackpad and function keys which is

awesome I think this is better than the

magic keyboard but the problem is that

the price is quite significant so it’s

250 dollars compared to 149 or 159 for

the 9th gen options speaking of the 9th

gen um you can still buy it so it costs

the same in the US however outside of

the US like in UK it is more expensive

369 pounds now compared to 319 so 50

pounds more for the same old iPad

speaking of the same old only the first

gen apple pencil is supported on this

iPad not the second gen despite having

that flat frame design and because this

now has a USB type c port instead of

lightning you will need an adapter to

pair and charge the apple pencil this

adapter comes with every new apple

pencil purchase or you have to pay nine

dollars to get it separately but yeah

this has been the biggest complaint that

everyone has been making regarding this

new iPad the fact that you literally

need a cable that goes from the iPad

into this adapter and then you plug the

pencil into the adapter it’s just very

complicated very confusing and this is

worse than how it used to be on the 9th

gen I think it’s even worse for schools

because schools would always buy the

entry level iPad that was very very

popular it was bad before because the

Apple pencils wouldn’t break but now

students would very likely lose that

apple pencil adapter which means that

all the Apple pencils would be dead and

not really usable however Logitech comes

to the rescue with their Logitech crayon

so this costs 69 and it is made in

partnership with Apple for this new iPad

it also has a USB type c port for

charging so you can charge it using the

iPad’s cable no adapter needed now this

new iPad does get Bluetooth 5.2 instead

of 5.3 like on the iPad Pro so that’s a

bit of a sad news I guess but the good

news here actually is that 5.2 is a

major upgrade from 4.2 which is what the

iPad 9th gen had so now it has four

times the range it also supports dual

audio broadcasting so you can actually

connect two pairs of airpods which is

great and on top of that it also has a

lower power consumption now if you plan

on getting that LT model you need to be

aware that we actually have fewer LTE

bands and we only have 27 compared to 32

which could impact some carriers and

some locations outside of the US because

most of these bands that have been

removed to work for 3G and Edge so do

keep that in mind also the base model is

only 64 gigabytes which is way too low

for most people and if you want to get

the 256 that would be the same price as

the 64 gigabyte iPad Air in the US and

interesting enough 10 pounds more than

the Base air in the UK and of course we

need to talk about the price which is

the biggest downside of this new iPad it

is very very very expensive so in the US

uh the price got bumped from 329 dollars

to 449 that is a 120 dollar increase in

the UK it is even worse it got bombed

from 319 to 499 that is a 180 pounds

increase 500 pounds is actually close to

the iPad Air’s old price from a few days

ago and that’s because the price of the

air has been bumped by a hundred pounds

without Apple changing a single thing so

if you don’t want to be scammed I would

suggest you buying the iPad Air

refurbished from Apple’s official store

for 469 dollars it has the same design

the same camera the same A14 chip as

this iPad but you get thinner bezels you

get the laminated display you get a

dcip3 panel and most importantly you get

that apple pencil to support it or for

the same price you can also buy the 11

inch iPad Pro from 2018 I know this

might seem quite old but you will get a

120 hertz promotion display face ID and

in terms of that a12x chip it is

actually slower only in terms of the

single performance multi-core wise it is

actually faster than the A14 but anyways

we’ll have it in the studio next week so

stay tuned for some Hands-On content I’m

Daniel this means enough Tech and I’ll

see you guys in the next one it’s enough

Tech signing out cheers





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