NEW 2022 iPads – WHAT is Apple DOING?!


so um Apple has just released some press

releases with some new iPads and uh I’m

honestly shocked I’m shocked because

Apple has never screwed their customers

more than now like if you’re on Twitter

you probably know what I’m talking about

these new iPads are just well you’ll

find out there’s basically two iPads so

there’s a tension and the iPad Pro and I

want to start off with a TENS gen so on

the surface it looks great it has an

iPad Air like design without that home

button that was leaked in the cad model

so the design is actually better than

what we were expecting the bezels are

slightly thicker than on the iPad Air

but aside from that it has the same

screen size it comes in four beautiful

colors it comes with a 5G USB type c the

Apple A14 chip even the front camera is

now in landscape orientation which is

much better for calls when you have the

keyboard connected so this is basically

an iPad Air at this point so yeah it

looks like a massive and an amazing

upgrade but once you dig deeper you

realize how badly apple is screwing all

of us over the first reason being the

price so everyone was expecting to see a

price increase with its new iPad but

it’s way worse than everyone was

expecting so in the US it goes up from

329 dollars to 449. that’s a 120 dollar

price increase but outside of the US in

the UK for example it is even worse so

it got bombed from 319 pounds to 4.99

that’s a 180 pound price increase not

only that but the iPad Air used to start

from 569 dollars uh well um not anymore

because Apple priced the same iPad Air


669 pounds now so it’s essentially 100

pounds more in the UK compared to what

it used to be just a few days ago and

this is the same iPad air without any

upgrades so Apple bump pretty much all

the prices outside the US quite

significantly the iPad Mini for example

uh is now 569 pounds from 479 so that’s

90 pounds more in the UK again for the

exact same model without any changes but

I think the worst thing yet is that the

old 9th gen iPad is still around so

Apple has not discontinued that and in

fact it is even more expensive than it

used to be from 319 to

369 pounds so that is 50 pounds more

than it used to cost of course the

British pound went down significantly

when compared to the dollar because of

what’s happening in the world right now

uh as same for the Euro but the thing is

Apple only increased the iPad prices not

the max or the iPhones or anything else

at least for now and these price

increases are way more significant than

what they should have been the second

way in which apple is screwing us over

with this new iPad is the display which

is still not laminated Apple literally

went out of their way to manufacture an

iPad Airs display that is not laminated

Apple launched their first laminated

display iPad in 2014 with the iPad Air 2

and right now there is not a single

major company that makes non-laminated

tablets aside from Apple so you would

always have this huge air gap between

the display and the glass that sits on

top what is even worse is that there is

no anti-reflective coating at all so

this screen is basically like a mirror

it’s very very reflective and it also

relax the P3 color gamut so it is very

likely that Apple simply tweaked the

color profile on the iPad Airs display

to make it worse and included into this

iPad the third way in which apple is

screwing us over with his new iPad is

the keyboard so before with the 9th gen

you could buy the smart keyboard for 159

dollars now you cannot buy that anymore

because they of course change the design

of it so they launched the magic

keyboard folio this is the only option

for this new 10gen iPad and it costs

249 dollars outrageous if you want to

buy like a used iPad pro magic keyboard

like I said that’s not supported so you

need to buy this specific one to be able

to have a magic keyboard and then number

four this is definitely the worst the

apple pencil so you would assume that

with this new flat design Apple would

introduce support for the second gen

apple pencil right well no only the

first gen is supported but okay this new

iPad now has a USBC Port so they

obviously updated that lightning port on

the apple pencil uh to USB type c right

no the friction apple pencil still comes

with a lighting Port so instead Apple

made an adapter for it this comes in the

box of every new apple pencil purchase

or nine dollars if you want to buy it

separately if you already own an apple

pencil like the crazy thing here is that

it was likely way more expensive for

Apple to design a new adapter plus box

plus ship it then simply update the port

on the current apple pencil let’s do a

USB type-c instead of lightning and

honestly that adapter it looks like it

was designed by Apple intentionally to

make it the worst possible adapter ever

it doesn’t even plug directly into your

iPad as it doesn’t have a male USB

type-c connector it’s female to female

so you need to use a USB type-c cable

from the iPad to the adapter or the

power brick and then plug the apple

pencil on the other end and to top it

all off this apple pencil is of course

more expensive than before outside of

the US so in the UK from 89 pounds it is

now 109. so 20 dollar pound increase for

a 2015 product yes the apple pencil

first gen is a seven year old product

fun fact and the fifth way in which

apple is screwing us over with this new

iPad is uh in terms of the cases so

since it doesn’t have the same thickness

as an iPad Air it is considerably

thicker 6.1 millimeters compared to

seven on this new iPad you cannot use an

iPad Air case not only that but

obviously these new cases are more

expensive than they used to be so before

you could buy a case for 49 pounds now

the smart folio costs 89 pounds which is

even more than what it used to cost for

the iPad Pro which was 79. this is so

bad but wait it gets even worse with the

iPad Pro so the good news is that we get

the empty chip and an apple pencil hover

feature which is basically the same as

you know on a Galaxy Note phone but

that’s pretty much it now in terms of

the bad news uh the first one is that we

don’t have any design changes there’s no

redesign like Mark German was saying so

he was actually wrong here unfortunately

we don’t have any wireless charging no

glass back or glass Apple logo so yeah

no redesign at all this is the exact

same design from back in 2018. then the

second way in which apple is screwing us

over with this new iPad Pro is the price

so uh yeah this new iPad Pro is also

more expensive considerably from 749

pounds in UK to 900 pounds so that is a

100 pound increase over the previous

model for just that M2 Chip that number

three the front-facing camera does not

have a landscape orientation like it

does on the new 10th gen iPad like I

said this is awesome for calls when you

have the keyboard connected but the

thing is the iPad Pro is supposed to be

a pro device so you would obviously use

the keyboard and the trackpad more often

and have it in that landscape

orientation unlike the base iPad but the

camera orientation is the same as before

so in calls it would always look very

very off number four is that the magic

keyboard has not been updated and here’s

the thing when Apple introduced the

magic keyboard folio for this new

tangent iPad they also added function

keys to it which was awesome like this

is something that everyone was asking

for and they look the same as on the Mac

so we have brightness controls Mission

Control search Siri do not disturb and

media controls but the iPad Pro’s magic

keyboard which fun fact is even more

expensive than before now it doesn’t

have any changes it doesn’t have any

function keys it’s still the same design

and number five we actually have worse

connectivity on this iPad Pro than we

had on the previous model so the gs7

edge bands have been dropped entirely

which means that in areas where you have

a poor signal you would basically have

no signal at all now and interesting

enough even though they did add Wi-Fi 6E

there’s no support for the six gigahertz

band which is what Wi-Fi 6 is for

so is it just Wi-Fi 6E

in terms of the name

what so yeah overall the iPads are more

expensive we have downgrades in a lot of

cases and the entry level iPad is a

horrible Choice it has the iPad Airs

price but it doesn’t have a laminated

display the apple pencil requires a

dongle and a cable to charge and pair

yeah it’s uh it’s really really bad I

don’t think the iPad lineup has ever

been worse but let me know in the

comments what do you guys think I’m

Daniel this means enough that I can all

see you guys in the next one is that

effect signing out cheers




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