Google Pixel Watch – The Apple Watch K**l*r?


this is the pixel watch and this is a

very special product because this is

Google’s very first smart watch like

we’ve been making Concepts on this thing

for the past three years or so so I’m

honestly very excited to actually try

this out and see how it Compares uh to

my Apple watch taking a quick look at

the box we have the pixel watch on the

front this is the LT model by the way

that Google shipped uh and as you can

probably tell this also has Fitbit

integration lift up the top

and whoa this thing is this thing is


wow there we go pixel watch so let’s see

what else we got inside the box so you

have your instruction manual which is

actually quite detailed to be honest for

what is essentially a very simple

product the warranty and safety guide

and then we also get a couple more

things inside of this um watch enclosure

so we have a band so this is a

replacement band a larger size I believe

for the sport strap and then we also get

the charger itself which is very similar

to the one uh on the Apple watch USB

type-c cable and a really cute Google

logo and yeah that’s pretty much it now

taking a closer look at the watch itself

I gotta say First Impressions uh are

that it looks so so nice it looks very

premium it is quite small like I said so

this is how it looks compared to my 45

millimeter Apple watch so yeah it is

very tiny but to be honest I really love

the way it looks so this is the silver

stainless steel Google also sells models

uh in gold and uh black and sadly uh the

album sent the black one over but this

one looks really nice so here’s the

thing I’ve been an Apple watch user

since the very first one I’ve used an

Apple Watch since 2015 every single day

and over the weekend I have been using

Google’s pixel watch as well Harry from

my team who’s a big Android Smartwatch

fan and he’s used plenty of smart

watches over the years he has tested it

too and we found a couple of interesting

discoveries uh that I want to mention in

this video and I want to start off with

the design I really really like the

design of the pixel watch I think that

this is the best looking smart watch

that you can buy right now in a way it

kind of looks similar to uh the recents

type 3 which is an oil watch that looks

even thicker but that is not a

smartwatch and it does also resemble the

Zep e that we were using as a

placeholder for our pixel watch videos

uh although the zepe has a more flat

display whereas the pixel watch actually

curves all the way to the body also the

bezels are indeed pretty thick but you

don’t really see them in most cases just

because most of the content on your

screen will be black instead of white so

everything Blends in perfectly I also

really like the feel of the buttons more

specifically the crown which is very

clicky not so much in terms of the side

button which is a bit more flush with

the body of the watch but yeah overall I

think it looks amazing and I can only

imagine how awesome this thing looks in

the black variant we unfortunately only

have the stainless steel and silver here

the next thing that I want to talk about

is the display okay so coming from my 45

millimeter Apple Watch series 7 the

pixel watch is incredibly small so the

menus were quite difficult to read

compared to the Apple watch like an app

such as maps you can see so much more

detail on the Apple watch compared to

the pixel watch although Harry was

saying that coming from his Galaxy watch

4 the difference in screen size was not

really noticeable since they both have

pretty much the same screen size also

this display is very bright so it maxes

out at 1008 which is the same as the

Apple watch and I actually went to York

over the weekend with zaryab from ztec

here and it was so bright in New York

and I could see the display perfectly

fine okay now I also want to talk about

the fluidity so the pixel watch has been

mostly fluid but sometimes it does lag

and when it does the lag is quite severe

here’s a quick comparison against the

Apple watch in terms of uh opening up

the ab jar speed as you can see there’s

a huge difference in speed and also

fluidity also fun fact the pixel watch

is actually using the exynos 981 10

which is the same one as Samsung was

using in the Galaxy watch 3. so this is

an older chip it does however have two

gigabytes of RAM which is more than most

Android SmartWatches so I do hope that

Google does release an update uh to

hopefully improve the performance as

right now it is a bit laggy for me now I

want to talk about the haptics so the

haptics on the pixel watch are pretty

good you also get haptics on the crown

so you can actually feel feedback when

you’re scrolling through your items and

notifications and so on it is actually

very similar to how they work on the

Apple watch and in terms of the quality

the Apple watch is still a bit stronger

in terms of haptics so yeah pretty good

overall but I was expecting to see a bit

more just like on the pixel phones where

Google is simply using haptics

everywhere I was expecting to see the

same from the pixel watch so what about

the watch faces well the selection is

pretty good I think most of the designs

are quite clean so I do actually like

them and there’s plenty to choose from

so like I said the selection is great

and a lot of them are similar to the

ones that apple offers the PS4 watch

face is actually very similar to the

Nike one on the Apple watch and just

like on the Apple watch there is plenty

of customization that uh you can apply

to these watch faces so for example you

can change the color you can also change

the Styles so each watch face has a

couple of styles and then on top of that

you can also change the complications

with a couple of them to um to choose

from of course on top of that you can

also add third-party watch faces and the

good news here is that on Samsung

watches some of these third-party watch

pieces are broken they don’t actually

work that well but on the pixel watch

they all do so you also get an even

higher selection of watch faces because

of that oh and by the way this is my

favorite pixel watch watch face uh it’s

called concentric and you can see the

seconds go by yeah really really cool

now I also want to mention a few things

regarding charging so apparently you can

use your Apple watch charger to charge

your pixel watch which was really

interesting I was not expecting that

since that Apple charger is a

proprietary charger for the Apple watch

alone and on top of that you can also

use your Galaxy watch charger for the

pixel watch as well plus it also

supports reverse wireless charging so if

you have a pixel or Samsung or any phone

that supports it you’ll be able to

charge it like that so yeah the

interesting thing here is that the

Galaxy watch 4 and the Apple watch do

not work with a pixel watch charger but

a pixel watch does work with the Galaxy

watch 4 and the outbox charger now

interested of battery life for me the

pixel watch was almost identical to my

Apple watch I’ve actually used both on

both my wrists when I went to York and

as you can see now the pixel watch is at

57 percent while the Apple watch is at

55 and that’s pretty much what I’ve

experienced during my trip as well about

a two percent difference between the two

in favor of the Apple watch I also use

sleep tracking on both and I was able to

get about 1.5 days with both of these

watches now you need to keep in mind

that this is the larger version of the

Apple watch the 45 mil if you get a 41

millimeter version which would be the

same size as the pixel watch that that

should last about the same as the pixel

watch or maybe slightly worse now I want

to talk about the bands so um yeah

they’re not great mostly because they’re

proprietary so what this means is that

you have to buy bands specifically made

for the pixel watch unlike pretty much

any other Android Smartwatch that works

with any number of universal watch bands

so the main downside is that you have a

very limited selection of bands to pick

from so Google only sells about four

designs and yeah the colors are not that

great and the clasp doesn’t really match

with the color of the watch so that’s

also quite limiting now the good news is

that some bands have started appearing

on Amazon some third-party options which

is great and the pricing seems to be

pretty low as well and Google will also

be releasing more bands they have these

metal bands which are coming 2023

however the pricing is pretty insane 200

pounds for The Meta link band that’s

more than half the price of the watch so

yeah Google’s taking a very very similar

mentality to Apple in terms of the

extreme pricing of their bands and like

I said because of this proprietary

mechanism the pixel watch actually has

the fewest number of bands available on

the market for any smart watch the Apple

watch also has a proprietary system but

they have just so many bands and there’s

so many third-party options there as

well oh and I also found the mounting

mechanism to be very strange so to

remove one of the Bands you need to

press on this button right here so you

press it and then you slide the band out

and then you would assume that you

connect it again you would have to just

align it with the middle but it doesn’t

actually work that way so you have to

press it on that button and then slide

it to the left until it click so it’s a

very weird system it’s not very

intuitive okay now I want to talk about

health tracking so most of the

functionality is the same as on the

Apple watch you even have an ECG meter

which works very similar to Windows on

the app watch itself including the

results you just hold your finger on the

digital crown and then you would get the

reading the only odd thing that I found

about it is that the oxygen level leader

doesn’t quite work so it is there it

does have the functionality but I

couldn’t really find it anywhere uh in

the software so there’s no option to

actually uh measure your oxygen in your

blood and it’s not even gonna do it

automatically so maybe this is going to

come with a future softer update but at

the moment it simply doesn’t work but

what I really loved about it though uh

was the Fitbit app so you don’t actually

use the Google Fit app you simply use

the Fitbit which is quite interesting

but what’s really cool about it is that

it literally explains what heart rate

zones are and it even shows you which

ones are for fat burning and it does all

of that automatically so when I went to

that trip last weekend I didn’t even

start a workout it was measuring

everything automatically this is so much

better than on the Apple watch where it

does tell you the heart rate zones but

it doesn’t really explain what they are

and what they actually mean now I do

want to mention a couple of specific

things that Harry found in his usage so

he was saying that the wrist gestures

were awesome on the war OS 2 they were

removed from the Samsung Galaxy watch 4

and sadly we do not have them here

either and in terms of navigating this

is actually very similar to where OS 2

where you swipe down for your controls

you swipe up for your notifications and

then you also have some panels some

tiles that you can customize if you

swipe to the right or the left hand side

unfortunately you still cannot see

WhatsApp and messenger photo

notifications oh and sadly you cannot

have any button shortcuts assigned to

these two buttons so you only have the

assistance and the wallet and that’s a

pretty much it by the way the secondary

button is a bit tricky to press as it is

almost flush with the body of the watch

so overall I do really like the pixel

watch I think it’s one of the best

Android smart watches that I’ve ever

used probably the best to be honest it

doesn’t really compare to the Apple

watch as in if you have an iPhone you

need to get an Apple Watch if you have

of course a pixel or any Android phone

then you cannot get an Apple Watch and

you can only get this which doesn’t work

but with an iPhone but if you do have an

Android phone I think this is an awesome

option especially if you plan on getting

a pixel 7 Pro since you do actually get

the pixel watch for free when you

pre-order the pixel 7 Pro but yeah let

me know what do you guys think I’m

Daniel turns it off Tech and I’ll see

you guys in the next one set up Tech

signing out



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